Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Inferno+ 1.0

Inferno+ 1.0 APK Free Download Andorid App. Welcome to Inferno+, the highly-anticipated title from Radiangames, creator of Slydris, Fireball SE, and Ballistic SE. Blast your way through 40 atmospheric levels. Explore the gauntlet of stylish environments, destroy hordes of enemies, and upgrade your ship along the way.

Instructions :

  • Download App
  • Install APK

With 3 difficulty levels, 20 achievements, and New Game+ mode, you'll be in for hours of enjoyment.

Inferno+ also features Scorched mode, where you have 90 seconds to blast through a randomized level with a preset loadout.

Like all Radiangames' titles, Inferno+ works great on phones and tablets of any size.

Required Android O/S : 2.3+

Screenshots :

Download Inferno+ 1.0 APK

Download Inferno+ 1.0 Free APK
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